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CSOS Certificate Management

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Manage CSOS Certificates

  • Transfer a CSOS Certificate to another computer
  • Export a CSOS Certificate
  • Import a CSOS Certificate
  • Set Security Level
    • For Internet Explorer users, if you did not set your security level to High in order to password protect your Certificate, perform the following steps:
    • Step 1: Export your Certificate - leave the password field blank
    • Step 2: Import your Certificate - leave the initial password field blank, but enter a new password when setting the security level to High

Install CA Certificates

In order to trust certificates issued by the CSOS Certification Authority (CA), you must first download and import the DEA E-Commerce Root CA Certificate, CSOS Sub CA Certificate, and CSOS Sub CA 2 Certificate. Select Accept the DEA E-Commerce Root CA Certificate, Accept the CSOS Sub CA Certificate, Accept the CSOS Sub CA 2 Certificate links below to retrieve and install the CA certificates.

Accept the Root CA Certificate

Accept the CSOS Sub CA Certificate

Accept the CSOS Sub CA 2 Certificate

For detailed instructions on retrieving a certificate refer to the CSOS Subscriber Manual

CSOS Certificate Revocation

Certificate revocation results in the loss of ability of the digital certificate holder to use the certificate for electronic ordering purposes by placing the certificate information onto a “Certificate Revocation List,” or CRL, that relying parties (people who accept your digital certificate) are required to check.

Certificate revocation must be requested when the subscriber's private key is lost or compromised, when ordering authority or affiliation has changed, or when the subscriber's name changes.

Revoke CSOS certificate(s)

CSOS Certificate Renewal

CSOS Signing Certificates expire when the associated DEA Registration expires, and must be renewed in addition to the DEA Registration (also referred to as the DEA license or Form 223).

The CSOS Registration Authority will notify the subscriber via E-mail 45 days prior to certificate expiration. Follow the Renew CSOS Certificate(s) link for more information.

Renew CSOS certificate(s)

CSOS Records Information Change

Information change requests should be made for CSOS Coordinator role changes and for changing subscriber contact information not contained in the subscriber's CSOS digital certificate (i.e., phone number, business address, and business name). Information change does not affect the information contained in a CSOS digital certificate.

Submit a certificate information change request

Apply for CSOS Certificate(s)

Apply for CSOS Certificate(s)