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Registrant Coordinator Power of Attorney
Application: Form DEA-251 Form DEA-252 Form DEA-253
Description: The individual who signed the most recent, or is authorized to sign the next, DEA Registration renewal application (DEA Form 223) for your organization A required administrative role for each DEA Registration number Any other individual authorized to sign controlled substance orders
Required role? No, the Registrant should only enroll if he/she signs controlled substance orders* Yes, but may be served by the Registrant** No
Maximum allowed: One per DEA Registration number One Principal (if Registrant is not Coordinator) and one Alternate (optional) per DEA Registration number Unlimited
Signs controlled substance orders? Yes Optional Yes
Authorized by: n/a Registrant for the requested DEA Registration number(s) Coordinator for the requested DEA Registration number(s)
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* If the Registrant does not sign controlled substance orders, he/she does not need to enroll in CSOS. However, he/she must delegate a Principal Coordinator if any individuals are to enroll in CSOS.

** If the Registrant signs controlled substance orders, he/she may choose to be the Principal Coordinator. If this is the case, the Registrant will submit only form 251 and not form 252. If the Registrant chooses to be the Principal Coordinator, no other applicant may apply as Principal Coordinator.

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CSOS Subscriber ManualCSOS Subscriber Manual

Download the official, comprehensive support document for CSOS Subscribers. The Manual includes assistance with this CSOS Enrollment Process, guiding the subscriber through each step.

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