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Policy Agreement

Welcome to the CSOS Certificate Retrieval Web site

You are about to retrieve your personal digital certificate, which allows you to digitally sign (approve) electronic orders for controlled substances.

Please note that this certificate is a personal online identity and therefore it must be protected, as required by the CSOS Subscriber Agreement that you accepted when enrolling in the CSOS Program.

To protect your digital certificate and your identity, federal law requires that:

  • The certificate be retrieved and used only by its owner, who is the individual listed on the activation notices sent by DEA;
  • The certificate's password, which is created by the owner during retrieval, must be set only by the certificate's owner without any other individual having knowledge of the password.

No one, including your wholesaler, co-workers, family, company, or DEA is authorized to know your password. Also, please note that this password is not provided by DEA.

Failure to abide by the CSOS Subscriber Agreement and the Code of Federal Regulations will result in DEA revoking (denying) your ability to place electronic orders.

Required Security Settings for IE 11, Please read.

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Policy documents available for review:
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