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CSOS Certificate Management: Digitally Signed E-Mail Revocation

Send e-mail revocation requests to: CSOSRevocation at DEAEcom dot gov

Note: The e-mail must be signed with a CSOS issued certificate.

Include the following information in your revocation request e-mail:

1. Type of revocation:

  • A single certificate
  • All certificates issued to an individual
  • All certificates issued for DEA registration

For a single certificate or individual case revocation, provide one of the following:

  • Certificate serial number
  • DEA registration name & number
  • Account number of the individual to be revoked

For bulk certificate revocation, provide an email attachment containing a list of all certificate numbers to be revoked.

2. Revocation reason(s):

  • Lost or forgotten password
  • Lost or compromise of private key
  • In the event the subscriber’s private key/password has been lost or compromised, the subscriber is required to go through the initial registration process before a new CSOS certificate can be issued.

  • Change of subscriber information (name, employment termination, etc…)
  • If requesting a new CSOS certificate due to a name change, the subscriber is required to provide proof of the name change to the RA before a new certificate can be issued. Refer to the CSOS Certificate Renewal page for further instructions.

  • Change of registrant name
  • Change of DEA extensions (address, schedule, etc.)
  • Self-revocation or termination (no longer performing electronic transactions)

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