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Bulk Enrollment


Bulk Enrollment has been established to accommodate organizations that need to obtain a large volume of CSOS Certificates associated with a single applicant. A CSOS Applicant requesting to be associated with more than one DEA Registration Number may include up to five Addendum Forms (Form DEA-254, DEA Registrant List Addendum). Bulk enrollment is required in place of the Addendum Forms for:

  • CSOS Coordinators applicants requesting to fulfill the role of either Principal or Alternate Coordinator for more than 50 DEA Registration numbers.
  • CSOS Coordinator or Power of Attorney applicants requesting the ability to sign electronic orders for controlled substances on behalf of more than 50 DEA Registration Numbers.


To participate in CSOS Bulk Enrollment, the applicant must be requesting to be associated with more than 50 DEA Registration numbers and the organization must currently participate in the DEA Chain Renewal program. For more information on the Chain Renewal requirement please contact DEA Diversion E-Commerce Support.


The CSOS Applicant submits a CSOS Certificate Application form as Coordinator (DEA-252) or Power of Attorney (DEA-253). Bulk enrollment as a Registrant applicant is discouraged.

Rather than completing Registrant List Addendum forms (DEA-254), the CSOS Applicant creates a listing of all DEA Registration numbers and Registrant Names for which he/she is to be associated. This file is to be burnt onto CD and submitted to DEA along with the Applicant's enrollment package.

Power of Attorney Documentation

For Power of Attorney applicants, the organization shall provide a single letter granting Power of Attorney listing all of the DEA Registration Numbers for which the applicant is applying.

Attention Please contact DEA Diversion E-Commerce Support before submitting a bulk enrollment package to DEA.